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2013 Chemtrail Report & Findings for Philly Metro Area

The Chemtrail Spray Rate for December, in the Philly metro area was a low for the year of 35.5%, meaning 11 of the 31 days saw some sort of trail activity. That was down 21.1% from November, and down 14.8% from October. We had 13 clear/no spray days and 7 days that were too cloudy […]

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Mysterious Lines in Philly Sky Explained

Yesterday there was some serious buzz on the web and in social media, surrounding two large, dark lines in the sky that appeared over Philadelphia, Pa.  Onlookers were baffled by what looked like huge tire tracks that stretched from horizon to horizon above The City of Brotherly Love. This was the headline on PhillyMag.com “Can […]

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Chemtrails: My Personal Journey to Understand What is Happening in our Sky

(WARNING: What you are about to read may anger you, but have no worries, these are only my thoughts and opinions and do not need to become your thoughts and opinions.  However, it could also put your mind somewhat at ease and redirect your frustrations.) A little over a year ago I began a personal […]

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2013 Year-to-Date Chemtrail Activity Tracking for SE PA

The visible trail rate for September, in the Philly metro area was 70%, meaning 21 of the 30 days saw some sort of chemtrail/persistent contrail activity. That was down 7.4% from August, and down 13.8% from July which was the high for the year at 83.8%. There were beautiful, clear days that were perfect until […]

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1000 Year Flooding in Colorado Man-Made

  For a while it was the “100 Year Flood” that was injected into our vernacular as a way to describe the rarity of massive flooding. This is the notion that a flooding event is so rare that the chance of it occurring is 1% in any given year.  Well with “100 Year” disasters occurring […]

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The Real 9/11 and Your Awakening Process

In my opinion the best way to honor the lives of those who died on 9/11 is by educating yourself & others about the reality of what really happened on that awful day. The notion of “waking up” to the reality of this world and seeing the current state of our planet for what it […]

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Fallstreak Clouds Created by Passing Airplanes

How is a Fallstreak Cloud created? Well, to the dismay of some it is not H.A.A.R.P. that creates what are also referred to as Hole Punch clouds.  Similar to a Cloud Slice, when a plane carves are line in a pooled area of aged Chemtrails, a Fallstreak requires a plane to puncture a nearly frozen layer of altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds (which […]

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NEXRAD Swallows Storm Cell

  Watch as Station KNQA in Memphis, TN essentially swallows an approaching weather system that appeared to be getting more severe, until it came in contact with the blue “clear air mode” ring that NOAA says is for “clear weather monitoring”, but in reality appears to create clear/clearer weather with a localized high pressure system. […]

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The Hurricane On 9/11 That No One Knew About

Did you ever hear about Hurricane Erin? Probably not… This category 3 hurricane was headed right for New York City for days, when all of a sudden it took a sharp turn NW only hours before the 1st plane hit the Twin Towers. This hurricane, with 120mph winds was barely mentioned by any major networks, […]

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Proof: Worldwide Massive Flooding is All Manmade

Check out the latest video from “WeatherWar101” on YouTube. This great 22 minute piece by WW101 focuses on the nightly clouds burst that erupt every evening at a synchronized time and he also has some stellar footage from a 1950’s film about where rain comes from. Take a moment while you’re there and check out […]

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